Tranquil Pot

Broken Cylindrical Pot, glued , restored and made it as my this painting i used my Tranquil landscape painting as my reference and made it in one day.

Sa palagay ko hindi na ito tataniman ni Arlene (my wife).

UPDATE: Oct 29, 2020

Done varnishing the cylindrical pot… lalagyan lang pala ng payong????

Ang Simula — Sunflowers in 2015, 2017

Sunflowers end up facing the sun, but they go through a lot of dirt to find their way there.

J.R. Rim


My finished painting in 2015

Sulat ni Alice, ang aking hipag:

In 2015, a regular Gaddi family bonding activity made Abe re-discover his talent for art and painting.

Since then, he continued to paint and his works over time evolved into the beautiful pieces posted here and displayed at his home gallery and the many homes where his paintings now hang.

2017 home version:

See my 2021 version here.