Art is never finished, only abandoned.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Just couldn’t finish this painting which I started years ago.I made a landscape on this 4 x 5 feet canvas and painted over it with this scenario of Magtatapas. As a beginner I created many unpleasant artworks, the failure pushed me to learn more and pursue my passion … painting???

Jewelle of Joe

Jewelle of Joe
Acrylic on canvas
18×24 inches

Experimenting on new style of painting, mixing realism, abstraction and pointilism, couldn’ t decide if im going to add some more details in it. Thank you Lolalu Ho (Malou ) for allowing me to use the photo of Jewelle, although i wasn’ t able to make it exactly look like her, there is a resemblance to her maybe when she gets a little older.

Since i dont sketch or use gridding, my interpretation of portraits are usually a bit different from my photo reference, i paint by eye calculation , trial and error.

Tranquil Pot

Broken Cylindrical Pot, glued , restored and made it as my this painting i used my Tranquil landscape painting as my reference and made it in one day.

Sa palagay ko hindi na ito tataniman ni Arlene (my wife).

UPDATE: Oct 29, 2020

Done varnishing the cylindrical pot… lalagyan lang pala ng payong????


I painted this during the ECQ, headboard ng kama, it’ s quite big, 29 x 75 inches.

It looks so different with just the click of a switch.

We never expected the pandemic but we have to deal with it. Let’s take a deep breath, step back, and change our perspective.