My 2021 Quincentennial Commemorations Art Competition Painting Entry – Exhibited

Proud ako na makasama ang painting ko sa exhibit na ito ???

Displayed at the entrance of the exhibit, “Paghangop: The Filipino and the Santo Niño”, which is part of the 500 Years of Christianity – Archdiocese of Cebu celebrations at Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu. Photo by the National Quincentennial Committee, Philippines
Photo by the National National Quincentennial Committee, Philippines
Displayed at the “The Philippines in the First Circumnavigation of the World” gallery of Ayala Malls, Cebu. This an exhibit is organized by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and designed-curated by Project Saysay Inc. Photo by National Quincentennial Committee, Philippines
Panel 8 on display
Artist with the painting

I-check niyo rin ang entries ng ibang artists sa exhibities ng Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu at Ayala Mall Cebu event (actual panels gallery here). Ang gagaling!

Ang art exhibits na ito ay parte ng 500th anniversary celebration ng pagkapanalo ng mga ninuno natin sa Mactan, atbp! Pahayag ng organizer:

In 2021, we will commemorate the Philippine part in the achievement of science and humankind in circumnavigating the planet for the first time. Central in this commemoration is the 500th anniversary of the Victory at Mactan on 27 April 2021. These and more are collectively known as the 2021 Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines by virtue of Executive Order No. 103 (2020).

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